Thick coaxial cable stripping machine (ST-8515)

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Product name:  Thick coaxial cable stripping machine (ST-8515)
Place of Origin:  Guangdong
Model:   ST-8515 


Mainly used for single wire coaxial cableand special processing, using the most advanced rotary turret, improved accuracy and speed. The use of specific tools and rotary axis positioning device mode, up to 9 layers no incumbent stripping blade to the corresponding processing of various sizes and sheath wires, and equipment can be freely combined to set the controller, via digital display cutting diameter.

Technical Parameters:

ProcessingType of cable: coaxial, triaxial cable, shielded cables, waking, rigid cable

Max cablediameter: up to 15mm;

cuttingdepth units: 0.01mm;

maximumstripping length: 85mm;

Maximumpeeling layers: 85mm / 9 layer;

drive: motor/ ball screw drive

Display:Touch screen;

Blade: 4,Material: imported Swiss tungsten steel;

Centeringtablets: 4, Material: tungsten steel imports;

clampdevice: self-aligning, motor drive, the clamping force program control;

productivity: 400-500pcs / h (depending on the type and length of the cable);

Open: manual/ foot;

Powersupply: 220V/50HZ;

Power: 380W;



workingenvironment: 0-50 degrees, dry, moderate, vibration-free work surface, dryingmoderate the workshop.

About STBM:

  • Many years of experience in the manufacture of industrial  blades.
  • Enables blades to be safely removed individually.
  • Razor-like sharpness and long life.
  • Various cutting-edge geometries, depending on the application.
  • Single-sided and double-sided blades are available.
  • Materials and hard coating to customer specification
  • We are able to choose corret material refering to customers'deffierent cutting objects.

  • The company products “Strip line machine, terminal machine tool, blade I-PEX tool, textile blade, and medical treatment, tungsten steel blade, blade. And all kinds of knife blade” Welcome to those who take the initiative to contact us.
  • Related Products: “Blades, knives, the rotating knife, the knife, the cutting tool”.

Business Type: Manufacturer, OEM, ODM

The products in STBM are exported  to many countries. You will find the right blades here for cutting film, paper, food and innumerable other cutting applications. 

They are universally applicable and fit in many manually operated cutting tools and in many machines. if you have your own dimension ,we are able to produce them,too.

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